Marriage certificates

    The conditions for drawing up a marriage certificate are as follows:

    Bench publication form.
    • CNI Married
    • Married NIC + Marriage certificate if the couple are also married and the husband wants to marry a second wife.
    • Certificate of posting and no objection.
    • Certificate of celibacy (couple who have never married).
    • Certificate of address (to be checked).
    • Photocopy of the marriage certificate for a married couple.
    • Two witnesses per spouse (photocopies of National Identity Cards)
    • A marriage certificate is an authentic written document drawn up at the time of a marriage ceremony by a civil registrar. This legal document certifies the marital status of the spouses.

    A marriage certificate can be drawn up in the following cases :
    • To provide proof of the authenticity of the civil union of 2 persons and to enable each of the spouses to exercise their rights and those of their children.
    • It may be required in the event of divorce or remarriage.
    • When requesting certain administrative documents.
    • The marriage certificate is obtained immediately when it is issued on site.

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