Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture – Limbe FESTAC

    The Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture - Limbe FESTAC with Slogan “Cultural Diversity and Integration” is a week-long annual event that promote and boost the cultural riches and diversities of Cameroon and even beyond. The vision is to strongly celebrate the four cultural aires of our country namely the Fang Beti, Grassfield, Sawa and Sudano-Sahelian groupings. The Festival whose first edition was in 2014, observed its sixth edition in 2019. But in 2020 despite all preparations already put in place, it faced an involuntary pause with the emergence of the coronavirus.

    Some key activities during Limbe FESTAC include the Carnival, Beauty Contest, Canoe race, cruise, traditional wrestling, cultural display, excursion to Bimbia Slave Trade Village, Gastronomy display

    Globally the main objectives of the Limbe FESTAC include:
    • Promotion and valorization of all cultures
    • Promotion of living together, Peace, Unity and National Integration
    • Attract tourists with a rich cultural menu
    • Boost the economy of the Municipality for many business operators and announcers came to sell their goods and services and at the same time, pay important taxes.
    • To create sensational entertainment for the population while positively occupying them.

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