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Presentation of the city of Limbé

Limbe, the “Town of Friendship and Opportunities ” is a seaside City in the South West Region of Cameroon that was founded over 160 years ago by a British Missionary Alfred Saker 


This news section will help you to find out more about the Limbe Urban Community, the work it has done and is doing, and the essential information and news it has to offer, all of which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of our town.

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The Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture - Limbe FESTAC with Slogan “Cultural Diversity and Integration” is a week-long annual event that promote and boost the cultural riches and diversities of Cameroon and even beyond Read more...

Online service - Requesting a copy of documents online from the Limbe Urban Community

The steps involved in processing a request for a copy of a document, attestation or certificate online at the Limbe Urban Community are as follows:

Connect to the commune's website

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To stimulate the economy of the town of Limbe through digital technology.

It allows the population of the town of Limbe, visitors and future investors to have information and contacts of structures, technicians and other manpower in the town of Limbe.

Atlantic Beach Hotel Complex


The Atlantic Beach Hotel Complex features 68 spacious guest rooms of different categories, 24 with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, and 24 with an beautiful view of the Limbe Botanical garden. These rooms combine comfort, style, elegance making it an ideal place; both for leisure and business travellers. The soothing palette of warm, yet fresh breeze from the Atlantic Ocean creates a beautiful and cosy atmosphere. Our 4 star outstanding panoramic bar and restaurant await to tempt our guests with international culinary delights. Sumptuous buffets are available in the Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The classic restaurant with a sea view balcony offers local cuisine for lunch and dinner, and also on demand African and western delicacies We have upgraded sanitary conditions to ensure the safety of our guest from the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is the type of swimming pool which is typically referred to as “long course”, distinguishing it from “short course” which applies to competitions in pools that are 25 metres (82.0 ft) in length. Formally used by the Germans, it was the only swimming pool in the whole of West Cameroon. Beside our well treated swimming pool we also have a natural swimming pool attached to the sea where our dear customers can practice to swim in the Sea. This are simplified run down of specifications at the pool


Classic Restaurant

Our outstanding restaurant awaits to tempt our guests with international culinary delights. Sumptuous buffets are available. Mostly delectable moorish African flavours, served with healthy fruit and vegetable. Chunks of seafood, cooked with corn, potatoes, and carrots, and stewed in a rich, creamy broth. Seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and more.


Room Comfort

The Alantic beach complex has a total of 68 very comfortable rooms of different categories, ranging from executive to standard rooms with a sea view and garden view. These rooms are separated into five blocks, A, B, C, and D.


Panoramic Bar

Providing ultimate thirst quenchers, we select an assortment of white, blush, and red wines to be served at our classic panoramic bar, in addition to local beer and juice served with a smile


Host of International Sports Teams

The Atlantic Beach Hotel Complex was host to three football teams participating at the African Sports Championship 2021, hosted by Cameroon.


Dear Cherished Customer,

Atlantic Beach Hotel is honored to have you here. Find below the different categories of rooms we have each of them with maximum comfort. The difference in prices is sponsored by the degree of comfort, availability of some amenities. Our customers are key.

Kindly choose a preferred room review it and reserve in a very easy automated system. When you choose your days of stay, an email will be sent to you for confirmation. When the reservation is confirmed, out customer service will revert to you via email and phone call for further modalities including payment. Enjoy your stay with us, in the town of friendship.

– Room for 25.000 FCFA

– Room for 30.000 FCFA

– Room for 45.000 FCFA

– Room for 60.000 FCFA

– Room for 45.000 FCFA

– Room for 60.000 FCFA

– Room for 45.000 FCFA

– Room for 60.000 FCFA

– Room for 45.000 FCFA

– Room for 60.000 FCFA

– 75.000 FCFA


– 105.000 FCFA


Atlantic Beach Hotel Complex


This virtual trading space is our solution to the lack of sales of local products. It will enable the people of the town of Limbe to sell their products easily (Livestock, Agriculture, Aquaculture and others), to enjoy the income from their work by exhibiting and selling directly rural products, natural and processed in Cameroon (products made in Limbe) without needing to move and without going through the main administrator of the platform.

You are an individual or a group residing in the town of Limbe, contact the Urban Community of Limbe to open your merchant account so that you can publish your ads below:

Tourist potential

The town of Limbe has unique tourist potential, including the Bimbia slave-trading village (currently being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), botanical gardens, the Limbé Wildlife Centre with its rare species of animal, black sandy beaches and a welcoming culture that is well-suited to tourists.

Places to visit in Limbe on foot or by car• Fish market
  • Down Beach
  • 150th Anniversary Monument
  • Alfred Saker Monument
  • Press craft
  • Main market
  • Bota Catholic Church
  • The bridge over the old road
  • Craft centre at Mile4

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